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Read what clients say about professional voice over talent Moneen Daley Harte

"Moneen is a great mentor! RadioRehab is brilliant".

Jim Hickey

"The special opportunity that has been given me to work with Moneen is one of the high points of my life. She is a professional’s professional. Moneen is my coach, my mentor and most of all, my friend. If you are looking for a voice over coach, look no further. She is also a highly acclaimed voice actor in her own right with a list of highly satisfied clients as long as you arm".

Bill Brewer - Voice Talent/Film Actor
"Working with Moneen has not only been an educational experience, it’s been a blast! Her warm, nurturing demeanor creates a safe environment for you to learn and grow as a voice artist as she guides and inspires you on to greater heights. I’d already taken some group voice over classes but having her one- on-one direction made all the difference in my approach and mindset. And I absolutely love my demo - it reflects exactly who I am and what I want to do with my voice".
Vicki Liston - Voice Talent, Missouri
Listen to Vicki here: www.VickiListon.com

"Moneen is one of the most talented voice over artists I know, and I think it’s her process that differentiates her from the rest of the pack. When Moneen receives an assignment from a client, she doesn’t just sit at a microphone and record words. To the untrained eye, it might seem like a lot of unnecessary footwork. But to those who understand that a voice can do so much more than simply “read words,” it becomes clear that the extra time Moneen puts into her process is the reason why her work is the best in the business".

Robyn Bradley - Published Writer
Learn more about Robyn here: www.RobynBradley.com
"We've been using MoVibe.com services for years to create voiceovers for our educational movies. We are VERY satisfied with the quality of recordings, and the speed of delivery is always above expectations. Thanks Moneen and keep up the good work"!
Sergey Neskhodovskiy
Owner Smart Money Group

"Moneen Daley Harte is a professional at her craft, a fantastic voiceover coach, and a wonderful mentor.  She is tops when it comes to pulling to the surface hidden attitudes out of my soul needed for a particular read.  When this is accomplished, it makes all the difference!  Moneen is like a skilled conductor directing a piece of music".

Skip Dawson
Voice Talent, Texas (and Uncle to Rosario Dawson)
"Moneen is the Laurence Olivier of narration. She adds intelligence, insight, and charm to every piece of copy she reads. A delight to work with."
Arthur Fasciani
Training & Development Consultant

"Moneen produced my commercial voiceover demo and I couldn’t be happier with the results. We worked together for six weeks prior to recording the demo, and she coached me every step of the way to bring out my best performances. By her own admission, Moneen is “greedy”… as good a job as you do, Moneen always wants more from you and manages to coax an even better performance".

Fred Meseck - Voice Talent
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